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Several years ago one of my sister’s gave me an absolutely spectacular candleholder.  Bought in London and weighing in at almost 15kg’s (it’s solid cast iron and at the time was packaged in it’s own wooden box), she’d brought it back for me as hand luggage!!  Her efforts were well worth it as it’s my go to holder when I’m entertaining or on those nights when I just need a little extra something special.

More recently I loaned it to a friend for an art installation, the success of which saw my candelabra touring Australia.  Keen to get it back, I sourced him a new one and at the same time sourced a few extra – one for him, one for Joost, one for the shop and one for you!

Brutalist and industrial, stylish yet functional the Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra is a statement piece which takes its inspiration from the robust components of bridges and engines from the Victorian era.  An inverted mobile holding 5 candles (choose between tapers, tealights or Solid Pillars – or mix them up), the arms spin allowing you to direct light where you’d like it.

Height: 55cm (21.6″), Width 105cm (41.3″)

Coming in at just over $1,000 I appreciate that the pricing makes it a very special piece indeed (and that I have a VERY generous sister… or she’s allaying her guilt for telling me I was adopted for all of those years!) BUT I have to say, that if happiness could be bought, this would be high on the list of objects that create it!

We’re throwing in 5 x 20cm Solid Beeswax Taper candles so that you can fire her up as soon as she arrives!

Note: it no longer comes in a wooden box

Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra

Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra (with a few of my other favourite things at the hive!)



Spin with a little more light


Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra from around the interwebs!

Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra from around the interwebs!


Spin Candelabra at Joost's place

Spin Candelabra at Joost’s place


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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the total retail spend in December 2015 was $24.8 billion.  Just try to conceptualise that for a moment.  $24.8 billion!  1/10,000th of that would completely change things for Queen B… and by virtue thereof, bees and Australian beekeepers.

The sad reality is that many gifts will simply be landfill in a few months or regifted.  It was estimated last Christmas (by Galaxy Research on behalf of gumtree.com.au) that 20.6 million gifts (costing an average of $65) were unwanted.

And that’s where Queen B comes in!

Given there isn’t a single person in Australia (or the world for that matter) that wouldn’t appreciate a pure beeswax candle, we’re hoping for a slice of the retail spend.  Regardless of whether a person only burns candles in emergencies, burns candles on special occasions or burns candles regularly as part of their lives, a pure beeswax candle is always going to perform the task better than any other type of candle.

So, we’ve been busy coming up with ideas…

First up, we’ve put together some great gifts that come in under $20.  Perfect for Kris Kringle.  Lovely host/hostess gifts.  Gorgeous stocking stuffers.  In addition to the candles which we make ourselves, we only stock things that we use and love ourselves.  As our mission is to light up lives one hand made beeswax candle at a time, we keep the margins low to make things affordable.

Here’s a little selection of some of the small gifts we’ve got lined up this year (all 3 featured below are $13.50 each with 5% off if you order >6 and 10% off if you order >10…

One of our favourite things in the La Rochere range of glassware made in France is this little cupcake tealight candleholder... comes with a 4-5hr tealight (in clear cup), packaged in a sinamay bag

One of our favourite things in the La Rochere range of glassware made in France is this little cupcake tealight candleholder… comes with a 4-5hr tealight (in clear cup), packaged in a sinamay bag


This gorgeous silver glass urn is silver enough to be festive and stunning enough to be used al year round... comes with a 4-5hr tealight (in clear cup) and packaged in a sinamay bag

This gorgeous silver glass urn is silver enough to be festive and stunning enough to be used all year round… comes with a 4-5hr tealight (in clear cup) and packaged in a sinamay bag



If none of those take your fancy, we’ve got a myriad of Tealight Candle Holders and we’ve also got other great Christmas Gift ideas costing <$25.  Best of all, when you give a Queen B candle, you’re also supporting Australian beekeepers and the regional communities they live in and helping sustain our small little operation here at Queen B.

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We’re vicariously finishing school here at Queen B…  Sarah’s daughter writes her last HSC exam today and I have to say I think we’ve all handled it magnificently!

In amongst the exam study, “we’ve” (I use the term loosely as my role is just to listen to Sar) been getting everything ready for the Year 12 formal (we’re the organising committee 🙂 and we’ve got our Teacher’s gifts sorted.  So why this blog post if the gifts are already done?

Well, I’m reliably informed that our teachers receive A LOT of scented candles as gifts from students and if I was a teacher I would be deeply affronted were I to receive a candle other than a pure beeswax candle.  Plus not everyone is finishing their HSC TODAY (did I mention “we” are… forEVER!!!!) and so I’m sure there are some of you that still have that quandary on the to-do list.

So, we put our thinking caps on – “If I was a teacher and I was to receive a gift, I’d love…” and “If I was a parent and I seemed to have a million children with a million different teachers and I want a million dollar gift that doesn’t cost the earth…” and we’ve come up with a few cracking ideas and offers so that we can all just finish school in style.

Now, just put yourself in the teacher’s shoes and see what you think…

$25 ish

La Rochere Dragonfly Tealight Holder + 4-5hr Tealights (clear cups) – Box of 5 – $24.95la-rochere-dragonfly-tealight-holder
Not only are these candleholders made in France (where La Rochere have made their glassware since 1476), but the dragonfly has a lovely spiritual significance.

We’ve teamed with up with a lovely little box of bee created light (a box of 4-5hr tealights in clear cups) and applied a discount of around 10% so the pack is selling for $24.95.





La Rochere “Buzz” Tealight Holder + 4-5hr Tealights (clear cups) – Box of 5 – $24.95

la-rochere-buzz-tealight-candle-holderAgain this holder is made in France but the other lovely thing is the pattern of light created by the rings in this holder… it casts a beautiful pattern on a table (when sitting alone) or on the wall (if sitting up against a wall).  You’re going to have to trust us on this because my photography skills are limited at best.

Again, we’ve teamed it up with a pack of tealights so that it’s a gift ready to use immediately and we’ve taken into account the ‘million teachers and million children’ issue that us parents have and we’ve discounted the pack to $24.95 (around 10% off).




$30 ish

Hand rolled 10cm narrow Renaissance pillar candle – $29.95

2renaissance_website-no-labelsAlways a favourite in our range of hand rolled, individually painted pillar candles is the Renaissance design… the writing ‘Aliis Volat Propris” is a latin expression meaning “I fly with my own wings”.  How beautiful is that?

Seriously, if you were making a candle with a teacher in mind you’d be hard pressed to find a more perfect sentiment… thanks for the learnings teacher and with that, I’ll fly with my own wings.

As we’re a little delirious (and this is Sarah’s favourite), she’s decided that instead of being $34.95 and coming in the cardboard wrap packaging, we’re going to put them in a sinamay gift bag, offer them at $29.95 AND throw in a gift card (“A little bit of light” unless you specify otherwise in the comments on checkout).  Lucky we’re only doing our HSC occasionally around here or we’d be in trouble.


$40 ish

Hand rolled 15cm narrow Phoenix pillar candle – $39.95


Again you’ve got Sar to thank for this one.  We phased Phoenix out a couple of years ago to make way for Pollen, but it was always one of our most popular designs and as we were making some for our teacher’s gifts, we made a few extra’s.

We’ve discounted these to $39.95 so they’re for an extra-special-teacher.

We’re also throwing in the “A little bit of light” gift card so everything is taken care of.



I’m thinking this is going to be a wonderful year for teachers this year.  Whilst I know we all want our child to give the gift that stands out, I think that given the consequences of keeping these offers a secret, it would be great for teachers Australia wide (and our beekeepers, and the French glass makers) if you could also spread the word.

I’m exhausted even from being a vicarious parent…

Yours in solidarity

Cate x





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For many years we had a Nepali candlemaker at Queen B and as we had lunch together every day I got to know a lot about Nepalese culture… with one Hindu and one Buddhist parent, I got to know a lot of those too and the various celebrations and festivals.  Every October I’d take Tilly and some of his friends out for dinner to celebrate Diwali… the Hindu Festival of Light.  If you’re looking for an alternative to the Halloween mania that seems to be going on, the celebration of Diwali is beautiful… let me share a little.

Diwali has a strong spiritual significance… of light over darkness (got to love that), good conquering evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. Really I could stop there.  Just read that bit again.  We should celebrate Diwali daily and year round.

The celebrations are marked with millions of lights shining from housetops, outside doors and windows, around temples and other buildings in the communities and countries where the festival is observed. Prior to Diwali night people clean, renovate and decorate their houses and offices. On the night of Diwali, they dress in their best clothes, light candles and lamps everywhere and participate in prayers – typically to the goddess of ‘happiness and good fortune’.


Realistically, it doesn’t really matter what you believe or which festivals you observe, these types of events are about the rituals that are attached to them, the reflecting that we do as part of these rituals and the coming together as a community.  As someone who has struggled with anxiety on and off for many years, I’m a big fan of ritual… be that an end of day ritual (for me it is obviously about lighting candles!), a clean out or clean up (with beeswax candles being a natural ioniser, I light candles for that too!!!), a weekend ritual, your morning coffee/tea, writing, reading, having a bath or anything that helps you focus more on what is good in your life.

[I’m LOL’ing because I literally use candles on every one of those occasions and I think that perhaps I need to broaden my horizons a little!]

If you’re a little perplexed by the pumpkins and ghoulish costumes in every shop window, can I suggest that perhaps you may like to consider celebrating Dewali (daily) as an alternative? … remember, light over darkness, good conquering evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair.

Happy Diwali Queen B community,

With love from Cate, the rest of the Queen B team and our former candlemaker, Tilak  xx




We have Australian Made candle holders including the traditional ‘Dunny Light’, ‘Wee Willie Winkie’, and metal candle holders, making a quintessential gift and the ideal accompaniment for your rituals and celebrations. Shop online HERE . 


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I received this beautiful email from the winner of our Black Label competition. Thank you so much Storm. x 

Hi Cate

As our 4 year old daughter would say “WOOWZERS!”

Thank you so much, I am thrilled to have won.  I was more than happy to provide reviews, I had forgotten to do so after purchasing so it was a good reminder. 

I was reading a book, set back in 1700 in Holland, when the Dutch were the trading powerhouse of the world.  A scene was set whereby the normal candles in the house were replaced with the good bees wax candles as guests were coming and the house smelt of honey.  I was intrigued, so set about looking for large wide but not supper tall candles to go in our hurricane lanterns.  I googled and found a few sites and upon my research – I am pretty thorough when I decide to look into something, I found your site. I was impressed and read all your points about why bees wax is so good, and loved it was 100% Australian and glad to hear you are working to protect our bees, as I get a little patriotic that we have the cleanest bees in the world. 

So I took the leap of faith and was so impressed.  The box they arrived in was a delight.  My husband was so impressed (candles are not his thing) after what he saw on the bench he read your packaging and was telling the guys whom work for him how great these candles are after we tested the long ones at dinner that night – the girls loved them because who doesn’t love long candles sticks on the dinner table. Still amazed they do not drip!  I shared the card and tiny mini candle that came in the packaging with my friend who was returning to work after her first baby.  She too was impressed.

So thank you again for selecting me to be your winner, I am genuinely thrilled and cannot wait to have my house smelling of honey and bees wax.  Regardless I will still continue to tell people how much we enjoy your candles.


Shop for Queen B Pure Beeswax Candles HERE

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Beeswax Candles

Vue De Monde

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

It’s always important when you’re thinking of starting a business to think about whether the world actually needs what you’re thinking of creating!  Just because you think you’ve found your life’s purpose doesn’t necessarily mean that the world needs it!

On the surface of it, the world didn’t need another candle business when I started Queen B fourteen years ago, and yet, when you scratched the surface, it absolutely needed what we had to offer.

At Queen B our vision and our goals are global but we also make a measurable difference by supporting the local community we’re a part of.

  • Globally, the Amazon and the virgin rainforests of Asia needed someone to scream from the rooftops about the clear felling taking place for soy and palm plantations. According to a Greenpeace blog post in May 2016, the amount of land soy occupies in the Amazon region is up 260% (since 2006).
  • Globally, someone needed to take a stand about this massive lie that is marketing soy wax as ‘natural’. The dictionary definition of natural when used as an adjective is existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind.”  How is it possible to call chemically bleached, heavy metal hydrogenated soya oil, “natural soy wax”?
  • Globally someone needed to shine a light on the plight of bees and the destruction being wreaked upon them by ‘big business’, by monocropping, by Monsanto and their GM crops and neonicitinoid chemical sprays and fertilisers.
  • The world absolutely needed an alternative to the paraffin and soy candles that dominate the market and to be honest, I thought it also needed an alternative to the beeswax candles made by beekeeper’s (sorry beekeeper’s)!

Of course, on each of these fronts there are literally tens of thousands if not millions of people who are trying to make a difference. Does that make our voice or our actions irrelevant?  Personally I don’t think so.  Change will happen when enough consumers demand it happen (it can, of course, be helped along by governments and the courts as in the case of the neonicotinoid ban in the EU).


One of the things that gets me up in the morning is strongly held values and convictions.  If you genuinely believe (rightly or wrongly!) that you’re making the world a better place, that the world needs what you’re offering, then it’s difficult to wile away time doing nothing!  I lament big agriculture (well big anything really… except for the Big Banana and its cohorts)!  The demands of the super market giants are making it nigh impossible for small farmers to survive.  So, we choose to support 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation beekeepers in Australia.  Our buying Australian beeswax (and paying top dollar for it) means our beekeepers can continue to make a living from beekeeping.  Our hand making every candle in Australia not only keeps those artisan skills alive, but also creates jobs.  Ditto the local foundry we support who make our Wee Willie Winkies and Dunny Lights and the local metal turner who makes all of our other metal candleholders.  If we don’t put our money where our mouth is, those skills will be lost in Australia forever.


Without exception, every well meaning friend or advisor who has looked at our figures immediately asks how we can get the cost of our wax down.  Can we blend it with a cheaper wax? Can we import beeswax? Both options are entirely possible unless of course you’re passionate about making a difference locally.  Which we are.  I never think it is someone else’s job to care about things that are within my control.  If I can have an impact, if I can make a meaningful contribution then I will, regardless of the cost.  I am passionate about Australia having viable and vibrant regional communities, about farmers being able to make a decent living working the land and so I’m going to do my darndest to support that.


We have worked hard to move our own business forward, which in doing so helps support other local Australian businesses.  It has been incredibly rewarding to have had the opportunity to have worked with some of the world’s top luxury brands.  We’ve made candles for Cartier.  Dom Perignon commissioned us to make a light sculpture which still hangs at Vue de Monde in Melbourne.  Dior lit their Sydney store opening with Queen B candles.  We’ve made candles for Swarovski and Bollinger.  The World Wildlife Fund lit the global launch event for Earth Hour with Queen B candles.  And we’ve loved collaborating with other global thinking local brands like Dinosaur Designs and Penfolds.  I believe that the more we work with brands who are globally relevant, the greater the opportunity to increase awareness about both global and local issues.


At the same time, it’s also rewarding to be creating a community here.  There is absolutely nothing like a thank you email, a card, a photograph or a call from a customer to give us a lift.  Even when a customer calls because they’re disappointed in some way (which is thankfully rare), I am so grateful that they know me well enough to know I’d want to know and that they care enough to take time out of their day to communicate.  It’s a privilege doing what we do.  It’s a privilege to be able to live your dream.  It’s a privilege to be able to support our farmers and beekeepers.  It’s a privilege to be make something that is capable of transforming your day.  It’s a gift to be able to make a difference locally, to think globally and to make something with your hands that is recognised by some of the finest brands in the world as being world class.


As consumers we have great power to create the world we want to live in by the purchasing decisions we make.  I thought it may be useful to share some of the thinking behind Queen B and the decisions we make so that you can better understand our brand and what your hard earned money is supporting!

Join the conversation – leave us a comment. We would love to know what brands do you support because of their values?

Cate xx




At Queen B we strive to create beautiful and stylish things that nourish the human spirit and nurture our environment. We would love you to join our community. You can do that by subscribing to our newsletters. We promise we won’t spam you.

You’ll be the first to know about new products, special offers, tips for using the candles and getting the most from them, and that is going on at Queen B’s hive.

Shop Queen B Pure Beeswax Candles HERE



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Queen B Beeswax Candles


On the cusp of the launch of our Black Label range, I thought it may be interesting to share a little of the thinking and inspiration that has gone into creating the range.

It all began over 2 years ago visiting my sister who lives in London.  I took myself off to Liberty and eventually made my way to the candle department where I tried to imagine Queen B candles on the shelves.  If you know me you’ll know I have a pretty wild imagination, but even I struggled to see it!!  Every brand they stocked had exquisite packaging.  I knew hand on heart that a Queen B candle is a far superior in wax, ethics, integrity and burning performance, but I was letting the bees down by not creating packaging that communicated wordlessly the quality of what was in the box.  And so the idea for our Black Label range was planted.

What followed was a few months of working out what we wouldn’t change for Black Label and what the difference with Black Label would be.  I have now shared some of that with you in the series of blog posts we have rolled out over the last 7 days. Check them out if you haven’t already.

As we barrel towards the launch of Black Label, I guess like anyone launching something that’s important to them, my stomach is churning and hoping that I haven’t oversold the entire thing!  Like a mother introducing the world to her new child (this one with a 2 year gestation), I just want everyone to think her beautiful!

Thanks for being on this journey with us and thanks for allowing us the privilege of lighting up your life (and hopefully those of your friends, family and colleagues).

We’re so excited to be bringing you something that we believe is truly extraordinary tomorrow…

With enormous thanks from the team at the hive.

Cate xx

Black Label

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I cannot think of many moments in life that aren’t enhanced by the light of a beeswax candle… be it bookkeeping (yes, that’s one of my favourite uses!), winding down at the end of the day, making a bath a real luxury, providing the ambience for a dinner party, spring cleaning (the ionising properties of beeswax candles will help make the job easier!), lighting up a wedding or event, helping with focus during meditation or yoga… the list is endless.


As I admit to complete and utter bias, I thought I’d share a small selection of the letters and emails we’ve received from customers over the years about how Queen B candles have enhanced their lives.


Winding down after work

“I bought a beautiful gift for my best friend but not before buying a couple of candles just for me!!! I love them. I burn them and feel an immediate sense of peace…. So, thank you for doing what you do. I come home from work, light my candles and my heart feels an immediate wave of peace and clarity. I can’t pass my candles without admiring the poise of the flame and the unique way the wax melts and shapes the candles into what I believe is a temporary piece of artwork.” R Gangemi


Family time

“For Earth Hour ourselves, we started at 7.30, eating dinner by candlelight. The dinner table was covered in candles and the kids went to bed at 8.30 by candlelight. The kids enjoyed it all so much that they have asked if we can do it regularly.” C Martin


Day to day life for someone with chemical sensitivities

“About 20 years ago I started learning about and experiencing the benefits of using pure beeswax candles as I had been diagnosed as being extremely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and all chemicals. Using pure beeswax candles for all my lighting over a 5 year period helped me to overcome the worst of my sensitivities.” F Dodd


Transforming your workplace

“Since discovering Queen B candles I no longer burn anything else and tell all and sundry just how beautiful they are and that the aroma is just delicious. I’ve even given my workplace a treat and taken tealights in to burn during the day (perhaps more for me than anything!)” S Hirst


Stress Management

“I will admit to taking long deep breaths of a Queen B candle during moments of stress!! I will also say that it has an instant calming effect on me as well, and it’s so good to hear that I’m not the only one who does it!!” L Rorison


Adding atmosphere

“A belated thank you for helping us out with the candles for our ‘Greening the Wharf’ dinner for Al Gore last week. It was a great night and the candles added to the atmosphere.” C Blanchette


Lighting up a wedding or event

“we were totally happy with the 9 hour tea light candles we used at our Wedding, lots of guests commented on how gorgeous all the candles looked – they created such warm, magical atmosphere, helping to make the room look truly beautiful, and with no yucky/toxic smoke to boot! And my husband Mathew was very impressed that they did indeed burn for the whole Reception. I would recommend them to anyone.” Z Barram


Photo courtesy of Luisa Brimble/ Stacey Clark, The Creatives

Lifestyle shift

“Recession be damned, relaxing by candle light is part of a lifestyle shift for people who want to turn off the endless stimulation, the TV, and have quality time.” E Kent


Increasing vibrational energy

“Thanks so much for doing that for me . You going out of your way is very much appreciated, believe me. The purity of your candles over the last year have enabled us to increase the overall vibrational energy within our work probably 10 fold.” A Hill


Improving focus and sense of wellbeing

“I’m working from home today. And lit 4 candles in the room that I’m working in … and I swear they’ve helped me focus and just helped my general sense of wellbeing.” M Owens

… I can also attest to having a few candles lit in my peripheral vision whenever I’m doing bookkeeping as a way of keeping calm doing something that I really don’t enjoy doing!!


Lessening hayfever

“What a delight – and as an unexpected side effect (aside from the delightful smell of honey through the house) my hayfever has lessened. I won’t say that it’s completely resolved my hayfever, but it’s had a significant impact I must say.” C Greval


Lighting up childbirth

“Thank you, I received your candles just in time – my little girl was born 10 days early! Your candles created a beautiful light for our home birth, so thanks for all your efforts to send them quickly to us. And I stilll have plenty for peaceful evenings ahead!” L O’Grady


Photo courtesy of Sugarlove photography

Therapeutic benefits

“I just wanted to share with you guys that I’m a hypnotherapist and I leave an oil burner going in my clinic room all day. Yesterday I switched out the old paraffin tealight candles with Queen B beeswax ones, and I couldn’t help but notice my clients and I were drifting off to an even deeper trance than we usually do! Great stuff!” M Tran


Spring Cleaning

“I recently bought one of your value packs to test out the Queen B candles, and the verdict is that I love, love them! I’m in a little fit of spring cleaning at the moment, and as part of it, out went 50+ tealights from IKEA (which in comparison don’t smell very nice at all..) as well as some fragranced candles from PartyLight (they smell nice until one burns them, and then they are overpowering and irritate my nose…) I have loved candles for as long as I can remember, a quality inherited from my Dad. We will both be using only Queen B from now on!” C Watts


Providing comfort

“There aren’t enough words to express our love, thanks and gratitude for all that you did for us… G & S’s service was beautiful and having them surrounded by your loving, sweet light made it just perfect. … we have continued to light your candles each night since and they have provided us with much comfort over the past two months. … you provided us with such beautiful light during the darkest time of our lives.” Names withheld for privacy


Share your story of how Queen B Candles enhance your life. Send us an email, or post a photo to Facebook or Instagram – and tag us so that we can share in your beautiful moments. 

Browse our online shop HERE

At Queen B we strive to create beautiful and stylish things that nourish the human spirit and nurture our environment. We would love you to join our community. You can do that by subscribing to our newsletters. We promise we won’t spam you.

You’ll be the first to know about new products, special offers, tips for using the candles and getting the most from them, and the goings on at Queen B’s hive.



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Photo Credit: Jo Walker

Image courtesy of Jo Walker

Made With Love

Regardless of where you sit on the ‘spiritual spectrum’, it is difficult to deny that a product made by a skilled and nurturing hand is generally superior to one churned out of a machine (there are, of course, many exceptions).

It is little wonder then that many of the world’s luxury brands still choose to have their products made by hand as there is a level of care and attention that a product being made en masse just don’t have. There is a certain hallmark of a hand made product where every item is unique.

Certainly in beeswax candle-making no two days are the same. Every candle is hand-poured or hand rolled. Every candle is hand wicked. Every candle is finished by hand. If you line up the tealights in a box, you will see that no two are exactly the same.

So why do we continue with this (same may say foolhardy) method? It’s mainly due to honour. Showing honour to the bees and our beekeepers who work extraordinarily hard to make and then harvest a beautiful beeswax for us. And honouring you and your choice to spend your money on Queen B candles. It’s a choice that we’ve made in this fast paced, mass produced, compromising world to slow it down.


Queen B is team of 3!!

We may appear to be a large business, but Queen B is a team of 3! We have a part time candlemaker doing the poured candles and a part time order packer helping to pack the orders. Then there is Sarah, full time, who prepares the invoices, packs order, takes care of the retail store, answers the phone, responds to emails and enquiries, orders for the shop and business, makes a killer cup of tea and uploads product on the website. And there’s me doing the candle rolling, packaging design, bookkeeping, PR, marketing, newsletters, product development, painting, training and all logistics.

At the end of every email you send, every order you place, every product review you write is either Sarah or myself grinning broadly (well, Sarah is British, so it would be the slightest of smiles, but I know she is bubbling with excitement deep down)!!

pouring-tealights_emailWe LOVE your photographs. We LOVE your anecdotes. We LOVE knowing when we’ve done something well (and even when we haven’t). We LOVE it when you acknowledge the handwritten note with every order or the extra gift that we put in with larger order (about 98% of people don’t acknowledge the extra gift). We all genuinely care that you have an incredible experience with you come into contact with Queen B.

We make by caring hand, we pack by loving hand because hands are one of the things that make human beings unique amongst mammals and we think it’s worth using them to good purpose.

Share your photos with us anytime, and be sure to tag us when you post to Facebook or Instagram.

And don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter HERE for exclusive offers and updates on everything happening at the Hive.

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Beeswax Candles

Image courtesy of Kara Rosenlund

As humans we are naturally drawn to beauty… but what keeps us interested is substance. What’s there when you scratch the surface?

There is something primal about the light and warmth provided by a candle flame. We are drawn to its natural light. As civilisation has progressed, the use of candles has changed from being functional to a tool used to create an ambience – be that for meditation, relaxation, romance, entertainment or atmosphere.

More recently, candles are no longer just being used for special occasions, they’re being used to find calmness in our busy lives. Their beauty is now part of our self-nurturing practices, adding to moments of stillness and reflection. We consider it a privilege to be part of these moments. It is an extra-ordinary honour to make light for a living … to make light that is good for you and for the planet.

Here’s a couple of ways that Queen B candles do that.
Burning a beeswax candle is said to be a natural ioniser.

What is ionisation? Ionisation is the addition or removal of an electron to create an ION. Dust, germs, allergens, pollution etc are positively charged ions that float in the air. A beeswax candle is said to emit negative ions when burning. The negative ion attaches to the positive ion to create an atom and as an atom is heavier than air, it drops to the ground (or is drawn into the pool of wax).

I was recently speaking to a retailer of many years who had been burning our tealights for years and towards the end of the conversation she mentioned that our latest batch of tealights weren’t burning very well. As we order tealight wicks 100,000 at a time and we’re about 60,000 wicks through the latest batch with no previously reported issues, and our know our wax well and knew that wouldn’t be the issue, I started brainstorming it with her. Was the tealight on a level surface… yes. Was it being burned on a very warm or cold surface… no. Had anyone started renovations nearby recently?… yes, there was a new shopping centre going up over the road. Voila! A beeswax candle is a natural ioniser… so it was busy working it’s little heart out drawing all of the new airborn particulate matter into the pool of wax clogging the base of the wick. Funnily enough, we had an even more passionate retailer after that as she understood yet another benefit of burning beeswax candles. We also suggested that she switch to burning pillar candles as the larger wick makes it better able to cope with dirt in the pool of wax and would provide even greater ionising benefits.

If non-toxic was a luxury, Beeswax candles would be the ultimate luxury.

We’ve been working on our Black Label range for 2 years since the original idea.

Shortly we will be unveiling to you our Black Label range. It’s an idea that we’ve been working on for 2 years. My dream was to create an exceptional range of Queen B candles and to create packaging for them that was as exquisite, useful and timeless as the candles themselves. Packaging that was as luxurious as a hand crafted, natural beeswax candle is in this day and age of toxic products churned out en masse from machinery.


Image courtesy of Kara Rosenlund

Firstly, I had to find a way of not creating packaging that would simply create more landfill. So, we’ve created boxes that are so rigid, so well crafted and so stylish that we believe they’ll have many lives post the Queen B candle that comes in them. It means we’ve printed all the product information on a paper sleeve you can feed to the worms, compost or recycle and you’ll be left with an exquisite black box with just the most subtle and stylish little Queen B moniker on it. And the candles in them… well they’re a little something special to which we’ll be unveiling to you very shortly!

We all need a little time out to ourselves to reflect and re-energise. Give yourself the gift of pure, natural, beautiful light.

You can check out our beautiful selection of natural, 100% Pure Beeswax candles HERE.

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Photo credit: Kara Rosenlund

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