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A few interesting lessons I’ve learned about using Facebook for Queen B…

  • post a photo from Instagram: 1-2% ‘like’ the post (if it is anything to do with Joost, slightly higher response rate!)

    Photographic update

    Photographic update

  • post lovely feedback (I only post about 1% of the beautiful emails we get): 3-8% ‘like’ the post

    Customer feedback

    Customer feedback

  • post about media on Queen B: 5-10% ‘like’ the post

    Post about media coverage

    Post about media coverage

  • post a story about Tilly (candlemaker): 10-15% ‘like’ the post!!

    Tilly - International Man of Mystery (& light)

    Tilly – International Man of Mystery (& light)

  • do a post requesting feedback: Facebook page goes off and people get really engaged
    Request for feedback on new Queen B logo

    Request for feedback on new Queen B logo

    Request for feedback on votive glasses

    Request for feedback on votive glasses

So, what do we then do with that?… we listen.  On that note, I’m excited to show you our new logo (being a small business, it will be rolled out as and when new packaging is printed!)

New Queen B logo alternatives

New Queen B logo alternatives


And I’m delighted to say that we have the plain clear votive glasses back in stock!

Clear votive glasses (with 15 hours of bee created light) are back in stock

Clear votive glasses (with 15 hours of bee created light) are back in stock


Stay tuned for more requests for feedback (and posts about Tilly)!

Hope you’re having a great Easter.


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I know I’m supposed to live ‘in the moment’ and ‘be present’ but, to be honest, I find that incredibly difficult to do.  But just occasionally a moment is so beautiful that my mind comes screaming back from where ever it was and just stops.  It’s heaven… literally… I think I see glimpses of it.  Usually it’s scenery or something to do with nature (or bees) and it seems to grab a hold of my heart, giving it a massage, whilst simultaneously tickling my brain, singing classical music in my ears and prickling my tear ducts.  I feel completely alive and at peace with my life in those moments.

I had such an experience whilst babysitting my 5 year old niece recently.  It was the end of a 70 hour week and the first thing she did on arrival was ask to see ‘the girls’.  She spent about 20 minutes watching them and asking the big questions of the universe – “Kookie, how come they’ve got yellow bobbles on their back legs?” (pollen baskets) and “Kookie, why does the queen has so many daughters?” (because she knows there’s lots of work to be done!) etc.**



Bee watching was followed by a short interval of negotiating on vegetables and explanations as to why, even though beetroot is a combination of pink and purple she doesn’t really like it and why potato is much better than sweet potato!

And then… drum roll… I ask what she wants to do for 1/2 hour before bed and all she wants to do is roll candles.  You couldn’t find a prouder Auntie anywhere.  To be fair, I’ve been rolling candles with her since she was 2 (guiding her hands with mine) and like most 5 years olds she has worked out how to be adorable and tug at the heart strings of her auntie, but this was special.  And the best part?  She’s a great candle-roller.  Seriously good.  Good technique.  Good tightness of roll.  Attention to detail.  All I had to do was sit back… and marvel in the moment… and then remember to get out my camera and capture the moment.






… and thank my lucky stars that I had the camera up as she admired her handwork.



Honestly, life doesn’t get much better than that.

Like rural generations past, I’m getting in early and teaching my (sister’s) progeny the skills they’ll need to get ahead in life.

Cate xx

** Don’t even ask about the nickname… family can get away with anything!

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Tomorrow, 8th March, is International Women’s Day.  As Queen B is a business entirely dependent on the hard work of the female worker bee, I thought it appropriate to celebrate them with 10% off our entire range.

Just to put this in perspective, we have only run an offer like this once in the past 9 years.  We got slammed with orders.  It was fabulous!!  And you know what?… worker bees are worth celebrating.  Queen B is a business worth celebrating.  The light of a beeswax candle is worth celebrating.

In a standard (3 box) beehive, there is 1 queen, around 59,800 female worker bees and about 200 male drones.  The creation of honey and beeswax by the female worker bees is quite frankly miraculous and it is worth sharing.  If you haven’t burned a beeswax candles before, then you’ve never appreciated a pure, golden halo-ed flame… the natural honey aroma… the long burn time… and the magic of what nature has given us (and you’re also most likely not reading my blog either, but I just wanted to make the point).

So, if you are reading the blog, please share this with your toxic candle burning friends (based on the candle sales statistics that would be around 99% of them) and let them know that this offer is rarer than a blue moon.  Literally.

Use the code ‘Thanks Girls’ on checkout… the code implodes at 11.59pm tomorrow.

Photoshop skills are a little rough...

Photoshop skills are a little rough…


Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holderspersonalised candlesvotive candlestealight candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

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