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I’m thinking that it’s pretty tragic that it took a candle order to get me to go to the opera, but there it is… My life is quite tragic in many ways (and deliciously fabulous in others :-)). All I can say is that I regret not going sooner.  Last night we went to see Opera Australia’s production of Tosca and it was extra-ordinary.

Let me start at the beginning… see if you can guess whether Tilly was excited or not?  Sydney Ferries provided limousine transfer door to door.

Sydney Ferry limousine to Opera House to see Tosca candlelit by pure beeswax candles from Queen B

Why is it that the best photographs are never in focus?!

We had a beautiful dinner by the harbour… and then on to the opera!

I have to admit up front that while I was very excited to be seeing our candles lighting up Tosca, I was a little less sure about whether I would actually enjoy a whole opera.  Sure, I love the operatic aria’s.  Sure, we listen to classical music at the hive.  But I wasn’t sure about 3 hours of opera.  I’m happy to say I was wrong.  I loved it.  So did Tilly.   Not only was it an auditory feast, but it was a visual feast.  The set was astonishing.  And I think I appreciated it all the more because I’d been to Opera Australia HQ and been given a quick tour through the carpentry department, metal working department, fibre glass department, costume design, sewing, painting, decorating etc etc and is was just so gratifying to see that it is all being done locally.  We may be shipping in entire buildings in shipping containers from overseas, but Opera Australia are building incredible sets in Australia.  GOOD. ON. YOU. OPERA. AUSTRALIA.  I am tempted to go to more opera’s on the basis that I’ll be supporting those jobs.  I’ll be the one in the loges with the ‘partially obscured view’… and I’ll be loving every second of that partial view! Opera Australia run a behind the scenes tour on Wednesday’s for $15 (that’s a bargain).  You can find more information on their website.

Whilst it was an obvious highlight to see our candles lighting up the production, it was also a little bit distracting for this tragic soul!  I think I missed about 50% of the surtitles in the first act because I was checking to see that the candles weren’t dripping in the cross breezes on stage…

and then noticing how slowly they were burning and calculating that at that rate of burning they would be lasting Opera Australia for around the next decade of productions of Tosca…

and watching to make sure that despite their extraordinary length they were upright…

and trying to pick out the fake candles (yes, there are some of those too)!…

and then checking to see that Tilly was also enjoying it!!

Phew!  It was exhausting.  And I’m happy to report that they didn’t appear to drip, that they were upright, that you could tell a real candle from a fake and that Tilly enjoyed himself!

Acts 2 and 3 were a little more disappointing relaxing because there were no Queen B candles burning.


Opera Australia's Tosca candlelit by Queen B's pure beeswax pillar candles

Look at those beautiful beeswax candles and the magnificent set they built around them


Beeswax candles for Tosca by Queen B

Opera Australia’s TOSCA. Candles by Queen B. Photo by Prudence Upton

I’m thinking that the Australian Ballet may need to commission us next.  I’m dying to see a ballet.

The ticket that I bought for Tosca (and gave away on Facebook) in the loges was $67.50 (+booking fee) which really in the general scheme of how incredible the production was, the talent, the set (and those candles) makes it an affordable investment in the Australian arts, your own edification and a great night out.

We’re giving away 2 Tosca pillars in a competition in the next Opera Australia newsletter, so head on over to the website and register for the newsletter and be in the running to win.

Still glowing…


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About a week ago I received an email from a customer who wasn’t happy because our tapers were dripping.  [I could go into how gutted I was at this stage but as that would make me relive it, let’s spare us both :-)].  Her email went like this (this is the full email and pasted in full because it’s quite a lovely way to write a complaint):

Hi Cate,

I absolutely love your candles, thank you! I’m hoping you can help me with the dinner sticks I have a box of. They look great on my table, however I find I’ve stopped using them because I can’t stop them from dripping onto the table.  Any tips to make them dripless? I trim the wicks regularly.  I’m hoping there’s a solution so I can start using them again as they burn so beautifully.

Thanks so much,


What a sweetheart.  Moment to reflect on how lucky we are to have customers who are beautiful on the inside (and out).

I responded and again I am putting in the full email because it has good tips for anyone burning taper candles:

Hi Kay,

Thank you so much for your email… it is only if a customer raises a concern that I get the opportunity to fix it.

I burn the tapers myself every evening.  Have done for years.  So I know from first hand experience that they are dripless when they are burned in a draft free environment.  If they are dripping, then there must be a draft… be that from open windows, air conditioning, central heating, fans or simply a drafty house.  I would try moving one to a spot that you know is draft free and burning it there.  That won’t help you with having them burning on your table, but at least it will convince you that they are genuinely drip free when burned in a draft free environment!

In terms of then coming up with a solution for your table, well, if there is air movement in that area, then you are never going to get a taper (dinner stick) that doesn’t drip.  Unfortunately because they are so narrow, there is little room to play with choosing a wick.  So, in that case, I’d suggest either trying the Bee Lights (although they tend to drip in a breeze too for exactly the same reason) OR I would try the solid pillars… which are also great bang for your buck.  The 15cm Solid Pillar and 20cm Solid Pillar are a great simple candle that you can simply sit on the table or on a ceramic holder or a tile or something else.  They are good for burning for anything over an hour at a time.  The Squat Pillar is good for burning over 2 hours at a time.

I hope that helps.

Please keep me posted with how you go burning the tapers in a place where there is no breeze.  In order to determine if there is a breeze, simply watch the flame… if the flame is “dancing” then there is a breeze.  If the flame is still, it will burn perfectly top to bottom without a drip.  Promise.

Warmest everything


And here’s the cruncher, because we actually get to close the loop on this one.  ‘K’ wrote back to me this morning with an update (which made my day because when I know that we have an unhappy customer I genuinely lose sleep over it).  Again, in full, it read:

Hi Cate,

You’re absolutely right, thank you! I’ve tried burning them in a different spot and they’re beautifully dripless!  It’s a bit silly I didn’t think of that, sorry.  I was burning them on our kitchen table, which is surrounded by windows and a door. They look amazing there, but sadly that spot doesn’t work due to airflow.  I have your pillars already, which I’ve put there instead. 

Thanks very much, Cate. I’ll be in to purchase more soon, I’m sure!


 It seems to be a week of posting tips for beeswax candle use and better burning!  What I learned from my last post is that that’s pretty useful for lots of people.  I also thought it might be interesting to share just a small selection of the photographs from when I did the wick testing for our tapers… and wow, the memories it brought back.  There are no duplicates in this image (created with the help of iPhoto and my very limited photoshop skills!).

beeswax dinner taper candle cotton wick test

Wick testing images for beeswax dinner taper candles

Sometimes my mind makes me giggle… as I was creating the image above, I had the following playing in my mind… you can tell a lot about a (wo)man by his hands too!:

and the classic


and this from a woman who doesn’t really drink beer!

Cate xx

PS While we’re at it, if you have any issues with burning your Queen B candles or tips, please let me know by commenting below, commenting on facebook or emailing me.

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In the midst of the madness that was last week I received an email from a customer that actually made me laugh out loud.  I was laughing at myself and my own stupidity and the genius of someone who looks at a problem with a fresh set of eyes.  Barbara wrote to me with a tip on how she was cleaning her clear tealight cups for reuse.  Her email read as follows:

“Dear Cate aka Queen B

Enjoying your candles so much both at home and in my Yoga classes, particularly good for Yoga Therapy sessions when healing is the focus

I might have missed this on your site but initially I used to make a big mess with boiling water and paper towels to clean and recycle my clear cups. Then on one of our cold winter Melbourne mornings I noticed the wax remnants just dropped out – so now all the finished cups go into the freezer for a few hours/overnight, are gently squeezed, tapped and out pops the remnants and the little wick disk

Many thanks for the healing, light and love Queen B and court provides


Apart from her lovely feedback (which warms our cockles in a building that doesn’t get much over 8 degrees celcius throughout winter) I had to laugh because I’m a ‘boiling water’ cup cleaner.  I think it’s because I learned by cup cleaning habits with our votive glasses (and its so easy just to sit them in a tray of boiling water… and as soon as you see the wax turn white on the edges you can just scoop it out with your finger).  I’m not sure whether this cleaning tip would work with glass.  But it is genius for the our beeswax tealight candles in clear cups.

If you have a clever tip, please never assume I already know about it!  Sometimes I’m so deeply in tune with the ‘trees’ that the view of the forest evades me!

Thanks again to Barbara for a genius tip.  Please feel free to share any you might have by commenting below or emailing me.

I hope you have a great week.

Cate xx

Clear tealight cup versus aluminium tealight cup

Clear tealight cup versus aluminium tealight cup

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A few months ago I approached by Nett Magazine on advice that I would give other small businesses about email marketing.  I had lots to say!… I think it is a privilege to have access to someone’s inbox and it is a privilege that I am always conscious not to take advantage of.  I think I break most of the ‘rules’ of writing a good newsletter (or ‘blog’) by being too verbose, but then again I dislike rules and I think it is more important to be authentic!  I am verbose.  I am passionate.  Nothing about Queen B is fickle or done without a huge amount of thought and I believe that knowledge is power and so I try to make what I write ‘powerful’ in terms of it being educational.

If you’re interested in reading the full Nett article about email marketing click on this link – 201307 Nett magazine.  For those of you who are more visual, there’s a page shot below.  Just to preempt any comments, yes, I do look different when I’ve had my hair and makeup done!

email marketing, nett magazine, queen b, beeswax candles

Nett magazine page shot – Email marketing tips featuring Queen B

Wishing you a very happy weekend – hopefully at least some part of it will be beeswax candlelit.

Cate xx

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When one of the original team behind Earth Hour organised her wedding, the eco credentials of all the partners that went into making her day magic were critical.  Being a bit of a style maven the look was just as important.   She came to us wanting the candles to be the centrepiece of every table.  Rather than volumes of flowers thrown away at the end of the night, the bride opted to keep the table decorations very simple with one of our large honeycomb pillar candles in the centre of every table and a smaller beeswax pillar candle at each place serving triple duty – bomboniere/wedding favour gift, place holder and ambience creator.  Using candles as the table centrepiece is an idea that is a fraction of the cost of what many brides spend on flowers alone and then had an abundance of candles left over on the night to light up their honeymoon (and probably about the first 5 years of married life given how long our beeswax pillars burn for)!

wedding decorations, wedding table centrepiece idea, eco wedding, wedding candles

Keeping the wedding table decorations simple, a Queen B pure honeycomb pillar candle formed the centrepiece of every tableOur bride had the venue turn the lights to their lowest setting to allow the ambience to be 


Our bride had the venue turn the lights to their lowest setting to allow the candles to create a magical and romantic ambience on the evening.  Look at the incredible warm glow created with all those golden, bee created flames. 

candle bomboniere, bonbonniere gift, eco wedding

Eco wedding ambience courtesy of pure beeswax honeycomb pillars


Each hand-rolled, pure honeycomb, beeswax pillar candle was wrapped with twine and a place card for each guest… a bomboniere gift for them to take with them at the end of the evening.  As a bride said to me once, every time one of our friends lights their wedding favour candle they’ll be thinking lovely things about us and you can’t buy that sort of karma!

wedding favour, bomboniere idea, wedding centrepiece, eco wedding

Queen B pure beeswax pillar candles doubled as wedding favours and eco table decoration


bomboniere idea, bomboniere gift, wedding favour, wedding centrepiece, wedding table decoration

Bomboniere gift idea, wedding table decoration and eco wedding ambience all rolled into one


If we’ve lit your wedding or event (no matter how big or how small) and you have beautiful, professional quality photographs showing the candlelight on the occasion that you’d be happy for us to share, please email them to me and we’ll give you a $25.00 credit on your next order.  We’re also happy to provide credit to the photographer.

Sweetness & light and all things bright,

Cate xx


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Another day, another amazing event lit with bee created light from Queen B!  Our brief for this occasion was to light a luxury, eco wedding at Catalina, Rose Bay.  Flowers by Grandiflora.

The ambience for this occasion was created with two types of candles:

  1. Firstly, we created bespoke candles for the bride and groom featuring the design on their wedding invitation.  We made 4 candles in total which were placed with a large floral feature as guests walked into the venue.
    wedding candle table centrepiece, eco wedding, sustainable wedding, luxury wedding,

    Wedding table centrepiece – personalised unity candle for luxury eco weddings

    unity candle, wedding candle ceremony, unity candle ceremony, beeswax pillar candle, beeswax candle

    Luxury wedding unity candle centrepiece decorations

    unity candle, wedding candle, wedding centrepiece decorations

    Bespoke design wedding unity candles as wedding centrepiece decorations – pure beeswax and hand-painted

  2. Secondly, our 8-9hr tealights were placed in small fishbowls at each guest place setting… best actress in a supporting role to the incredible wedding centrepiece flowers done by Grandiflora
    wedding centrepiece, wedding candle, wedding table decoration,

    Wedding table centrepiece flowers + ring of beeswax tealight candles in mini fishbowls. More wedding ideas.

    wedding ideas, table centrepieces, eco wedding, luxury wedding, designer wedding

    Wedding table centrepiece ideas – for your eco friendly luxury wedding. Eco wedding supplies and gifts.

    table centrepieces, eco friendly wedding table decorations, wedding ideas

    Table centrepiece flowers with beeswax tealight wedding ideas for eco friendly wedding supplies and gifts

    wedding table centrepiece, wedding idea, unique table decorations, eco wedding, sustainable event

    The simplicity of nature – bee created light courtesy of pure beeswax candles from Queen B and gorgeous flowers (pollinated by bees)!

    wedding ideas, table centrepieces, eco wedding, luxury wedding, designer wedding

    Table centrepieces – combine beautiful flowers with pure beeswax tealight candles for gorgeous ambience and luxury style


Funnily, my last boss (the lovely one who thought I was mad for giving up my well paying job to do Queen B) was at this wedding and seated next to a guest who upon seeing the candles burning recognised them immediately as being pure beeswax and started raving on about these ‘Queen B’ pure beeswax candles that she buys online etc etc.  He was proud as punch!  That was only two degrees of separation to a customer I had never met before but who had bought online for years.  It’s lovely how things come full circle.

If you’re organising an eco wedding or sustainable event and you’re looking for ambience that packs a punch and unique ideas, give us a buzz.  As an Australian manufacturer we can move fast and you can rest assured that you’re hard earned money made a difference many times over – not just to creating an unforgettable event, but to the jobs supported by buying Queen B candles.

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