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… Designer, hand-rolled pillar candles from Queen B!

That’s quite the brief and I don’t use the terms, or make the promise, lightly.

Queen B started some 15 or so years ago with a range of hand-rolled and individually painted beeswax pillar candles.  That was our entire range!  With some 40 or so other solid candles in our range, times have changed, but it is still our hand-rolled pillars that garner the most feedback as there is nothing else on the market like them.

Hand rolled beeswax pillar candles - Seraphina Queen B

Seraphina – 20cm fat & 15cm medium (shown L-R: 20cm fat, 15cm medium)


Designed to burn down inside their individually painted, beeswax wrap each pillar really is an individual work of art.  Every design evocative rather than literal and created with room for it to be whatever you need it to be.  Whether you’re looking for a colour palette or a design to signify an event or a design which captures a memory.

One of my favourite ranges are our two collaborations with Dinosaur Designs… there is no one better to learn about colour than Stephen Ormandy, and Louise (Olsen) is fascinating to learn from from a design perspective.


Dinosaur Designs collaboration with Queen B - designs by Stephen Ormandy

Dinosaur Designs – Yellow, Red & Blue (shown L-R: 15cm med, 10cm med, 20cm fat, 15cm med, 10cm med… you get the picture!)


A perpetual favourite is our Renaissance design which features the latin expression Aliis volat propriis meaning “I fly with my own wings”.  It’s been part of the range for 14 years and it’s popularity has never waned.

Aliis volat propriis handrolled beeswax pillar candle

Renaissance design (shown L-R: 10cm medium, 20cm fat, 15cm medium, 10cm narrow)


Whilst they’re not necessarily Christmassy, our two most popular candles at this time of year are without a doubt Casablanca and Marrakech (oh, and Seraphina featured in the first photograph)!

Rolled designer beeswax candle Christmas

Timeless all year ’round or another festive design – Marrkech (shown L-R: 10cm narrow, 20cm fat, 10cm medium, 15cm narrow)


decorated rolled beeswax candle in Casablanca design

Perfect for Christmas or a trip to Morocco (without leaving home) is Casablanca (shown L-R: 15cm narrow, 20cm narrow, 10cm medium, 10cm narrow, 15cm medium)


Most popular for gifts for overseas visitors or customers going overseas?… without a doubt it’s Aussie Gum!

Australian made, hand rolled beeswax pillar candle

Aussie Gum (shown L-R: 10cm medium, 15cm narrow, 20cm fat, 10cm narrow, 15cm medium)


And, of course, there is our Honeycomb range which is just completely timeless.

Hand rolled honeycomb beeswax pillar candles

Honeycomb (shown: 10cm narrow)

You can see the entire range of Queen B hand rolled pillar candles here.


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