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Several years ago one of my sister’s gave me an absolutely spectacular candleholder.  Bought in London and weighing in at almost 15kg’s (it’s solid cast iron and at the time was packaged in it’s own wooden box), she’d brought it back for me as hand luggage!!  Her efforts were well worth it as it’s my go to holder when I’m entertaining or on those nights when I just need a little extra something special.

More recently I loaned it to a friend for an art installation, the success of which saw my candelabra touring Australia.  Keen to get it back, I sourced him a new one and at the same time sourced a few extra – one for him, one for Joost, one for the shop and one for you!

Brutalist and industrial, stylish yet functional the Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra is a statement piece which takes its inspiration from the robust components of bridges and engines from the Victorian era.  An inverted mobile holding 5 candles (choose between tapers, tealights or Solid Pillars – or mix them up), the arms spin allowing you to direct light where you’d like it.

Height: 55cm (21.6″), Width 105cm (41.3″)

Coming in at just over $1,000 I appreciate that the pricing makes it a very special piece indeed (and that I have a VERY generous sister… or she’s allaying her guilt for telling me I was adopted for all of those years!) BUT I have to say, that if happiness could be bought, this would be high on the list of objects that create it!

We’re throwing in 5 x 20cm Solid Beeswax Taper candles so that you can fire her up as soon as she arrives!

Note: it no longer comes in a wooden box

Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra

Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra (with a few of my other favourite things at the hive!)



Spin with a little more light


Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra from around the interwebs!

Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra from around the interwebs!


Spin Candelabra at Joost's place

Spin Candelabra at Joost’s place


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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the total retail spend in December 2015 was $24.8 billion.  Just try to conceptualise that for a moment.  $24.8 billion!  1/10,000th of that would completely change things for Queen B… and by virtue thereof, bees and Australian beekeepers.

The sad reality is that many gifts will simply be landfill in a few months or regifted.  It was estimated last Christmas (by Galaxy Research on behalf of gumtree.com.au) that 20.6 million gifts (costing an average of $65) were unwanted.

And that’s where Queen B comes in!

Given there isn’t a single person in Australia (or the world for that matter) that wouldn’t appreciate a pure beeswax candle, we’re hoping for a slice of the retail spend.  Regardless of whether a person only burns candles in emergencies, burns candles on special occasions or burns candles regularly as part of their lives, a pure beeswax candle is always going to perform the task better than any other type of candle.

So, we’ve been busy coming up with ideas…

First up, we’ve put together some great gifts that come in under $20.  Perfect for Kris Kringle.  Lovely host/hostess gifts.  Gorgeous stocking stuffers.  In addition to the candles which we make ourselves, we only stock things that we use and love ourselves.  As our mission is to light up lives one hand made beeswax candle at a time, we keep the margins low to make things affordable.

Here’s a little selection of some of the small gifts we’ve got lined up this year (all 3 featured below are $13.50 each with 5% off if you order >6 and 10% off if you order >10…

One of our favourite things in the La Rochere range of glassware made in France is this little cupcake tealight candleholder... comes with a 4-5hr tealight (in clear cup), packaged in a sinamay bag

One of our favourite things in the La Rochere range of glassware made in France is this little cupcake tealight candleholder… comes with a 4-5hr tealight (in clear cup), packaged in a sinamay bag


This gorgeous silver glass urn is silver enough to be festive and stunning enough to be used al year round... comes with a 4-5hr tealight (in clear cup) and packaged in a sinamay bag

This gorgeous silver glass urn is silver enough to be festive and stunning enough to be used all year round… comes with a 4-5hr tealight (in clear cup) and packaged in a sinamay bag



If none of those take your fancy, we’ve got a myriad of Tealight Candle Holders and we’ve also got other great Christmas Gift ideas costing <$25.  Best of all, when you give a Queen B candle, you’re also supporting Australian beekeepers and the regional communities they live in and helping sustain our small little operation here at Queen B.

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Every so often we come across candle holders so beautiful that even though they mask seeing your beeswax candles in all their glory (!!), they bring something else to the table… in the case of these stunning holders, it’s the light patterns that they cast.

The last time we included them in a newsletter, they sold out in 2 days.  We’ve managed to source some new stock, so here they are again… and this time we’ve gone a little crazy with photography because the photographer just kept capturing new and different angles and I couldn’t decide on a winner.

There are two styles of lanterns – round and teardrop.

All holders were photographed with a Queen B tealight in a clear cup (ensuring light from all sides)… there is no need to buy bigger pillar candles for the larger holders.

Hanging Teardrop Lanterns

Teardrop lanterns - available in small ($27.50) and large ($34.95)... can be sat on a flat surface

Teardrop lanterns – available in small ($27.50) and large ($34.95)… can be sat on a flat surface (all dimensions when you click on product detail online)


Teardrop lanterns can also be hung to create beautiful light patterns a wall

Teardrop lanterns can also be hung to create beautiful light patterns a wall


Round Cargo Lanterns

Round Cargo Lanterns in Small ($19.95), Medium (24.95) and Large ($34.95)

Round Cargo Lanterns in Small ($19.95), Medium (24.95) and Large ($34.95)


Moroccan Lanterns - casting beautiful patterns on the table surface and surrounding objects

Moroccan Lanterns – casting beautiful patterns on the table surface and surrounding objects


And another angle because we couldn't believe how stunning they are!

And another angle because we couldn’t believe how stunning they are!



See more and shop online by clicking HERE

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We’re vicariously finishing school here at Queen B…  Sarah’s daughter writes her last HSC exam today and I have to say I think we’ve all handled it magnificently!

In amongst the exam study, “we’ve” (I use the term loosely as my role is just to listen to Sar) been getting everything ready for the Year 12 formal (we’re the organising committee 🙂 and we’ve got our Teacher’s gifts sorted.  So why this blog post if the gifts are already done?

Well, I’m reliably informed that our teachers receive A LOT of scented candles as gifts from students and if I was a teacher I would be deeply affronted were I to receive a candle other than a pure beeswax candle.  Plus not everyone is finishing their HSC TODAY (did I mention “we” are… forEVER!!!!) and so I’m sure there are some of you that still have that quandary on the to-do list.

So, we put our thinking caps on – “If I was a teacher and I was to receive a gift, I’d love…” and “If I was a parent and I seemed to have a million children with a million different teachers and I want a million dollar gift that doesn’t cost the earth…” and we’ve come up with a few cracking ideas and offers so that we can all just finish school in style.

Now, just put yourself in the teacher’s shoes and see what you think…

$25 ish

La Rochere Dragonfly Tealight Holder + 4-5hr Tealights (clear cups) – Box of 5 – $24.95la-rochere-dragonfly-tealight-holder
Not only are these candleholders made in France (where La Rochere have made their glassware since 1476), but the dragonfly has a lovely spiritual significance.

We’ve teamed with up with a lovely little box of bee created light (a box of 4-5hr tealights in clear cups) and applied a discount of around 10% so the pack is selling for $24.95.





La Rochere “Buzz” Tealight Holder + 4-5hr Tealights (clear cups) – Box of 5 – $24.95

la-rochere-buzz-tealight-candle-holderAgain this holder is made in France but the other lovely thing is the pattern of light created by the rings in this holder… it casts a beautiful pattern on a table (when sitting alone) or on the wall (if sitting up against a wall).  You’re going to have to trust us on this because my photography skills are limited at best.

Again, we’ve teamed it up with a pack of tealights so that it’s a gift ready to use immediately and we’ve taken into account the ‘million teachers and million children’ issue that us parents have and we’ve discounted the pack to $24.95 (around 10% off).




$30 ish

Hand rolled 10cm narrow Renaissance pillar candle – $29.95

2renaissance_website-no-labelsAlways a favourite in our range of hand rolled, individually painted pillar candles is the Renaissance design… the writing ‘Aliis Volat Propris” is a latin expression meaning “I fly with my own wings”.  How beautiful is that?

Seriously, if you were making a candle with a teacher in mind you’d be hard pressed to find a more perfect sentiment… thanks for the learnings teacher and with that, I’ll fly with my own wings.

As we’re a little delirious (and this is Sarah’s favourite), she’s decided that instead of being $34.95 and coming in the cardboard wrap packaging, we’re going to put them in a sinamay gift bag, offer them at $29.95 AND throw in a gift card (“A little bit of light” unless you specify otherwise in the comments on checkout).  Lucky we’re only doing our HSC occasionally around here or we’d be in trouble.


$40 ish

Hand rolled 15cm narrow Phoenix pillar candle – $39.95


Again you’ve got Sar to thank for this one.  We phased Phoenix out a couple of years ago to make way for Pollen, but it was always one of our most popular designs and as we were making some for our teacher’s gifts, we made a few extra’s.

We’ve discounted these to $39.95 so they’re for an extra-special-teacher.

We’re also throwing in the “A little bit of light” gift card so everything is taken care of.



I’m thinking this is going to be a wonderful year for teachers this year.  Whilst I know we all want our child to give the gift that stands out, I think that given the consequences of keeping these offers a secret, it would be great for teachers Australia wide (and our beekeepers, and the French glass makers) if you could also spread the word.

I’m exhausted even from being a vicarious parent…

Yours in solidarity

Cate x





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Bookmark this seasonal table decoration idea under “simple but brilliant” for your next dinner party or event… seasonal branches down the centre of the table with little clusters of beeswax Jam Jar Tealights interspersed along the table.


table centrepiece, seasonal table decoration, love katie and sarah photography, cecilia fox flowers

Seasonal foliage down the centre of the table with clusters of jam jar tealights


And for the dessert table… stacked wheels of cheese!  Hopefully in amongst that abundance there was raw honeycomb with honey dripping from it.  It’s my cheese platter secret and is a source of much delight and childhood reminiscing.


Dessert cheese wheel, wedding dessert table centrepiece idea, love katie and sarah photography, cecilia fox flowers

Now that’s what i call dessert!

Special thanks to our customers Clare & Hayden, to Love Katie and Sarah for the photographs and to Cecilia Fox for the beautiful florals (and for introducing Clare & Hayden to Queen B’s pure bee created light).


At Queen B we delight in making the world’s purest beeswax candles.  Our pure beeswax is carefully sourced from beekeepers we know personally and then cleaned thoroughly over 72 hours.  Our wicks are pure cotton and we scour the globe to ensure we are always at the forefront of wick technology.  Our range extends from the basics (beeswax tealight candles, beeswax tapers, beeswax dinner candles, beeswax pillar candles), to the innovative (beeswax jam jar tealights, Burning Love, Ecobulb) and through to more designer beeswax candles (our rolled pillar candle ranges).

Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.


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One of the most versatile candles in our range are our Bee Light beeswax candles… skinny enough to light for a matter of minutes (for meditation, a bath or bedtime stories) and yet long enough and ‘beeswaxy’ enough to last for a fabulous 3.5 – 4 hrs.  What’s ‘beeswaxy enough’?… it means that because they’re 100% pure beeswax and beeswax has a very high melting point, they have a much longer burn time than their toxic cousins (and, of course, they don’t smoke) 🙂

While we have a stunning range of candleholders made right here in Australia for our Bee Light candles, there is also something quite lovely about making your own for free.  I thought I’d share some of the best we’ve been sent…

beeswax candles in coral, boho wedding table decoration idea, seaside centrepiece idea, coral candleholders

Queen B Bee Lights in coral – stylist: styled_by_her, photo: @kyliemillsphotography


A stunning look for a seaside wedding or event table centrepiece or even just to channel that feel in your own home… we could also do with a seaside escape from time to time.


bee light candleholder, scrap metal candleholder, metal chain beeswax holder, rustic industrial holder

Bee Lights in plough chain found in the scrap metal heap on one of my beekeeper’s farm (little blue wren by @annawilihighfield, a gift from @afloralfrenzy)!

Seriously, if you know of a scrap metal heap, make friend’s with the owner pronto… they are an absolute treasure trove of DIY candleholders.  You can relax knowing you’re trendy right now with the industrial look and when that look goes out again, then be happy in the knowledge that you’re marching to the beat of your own drum!  And quite frankly, sustainability and recycling are going to be the ‘new black’ for decades to come.


Industrial look steel brush candleholder for beeswax bee light candle

Bee Lights in a steel brush! (photo & idea from Cherie Watts)


festive DIY candleholder idea, make your own festive table decorations, festive beeswax candle centrepiece

Create a candleholder with a fallen tree branch (idea from Julie at @theblackhen)… please don’t leave burning candles unattended in a timber candleholder!!


bee light candleholder, DIY candleholder, make your own candle holder

Coloured plastecine or ‘blue tac’… thanks for Cherie Watts for this idea (and photo)


Or, you could just leave it to us and we’ll take care of it the holders for you!

brass candleholder with pure beeswax taper dinner candles

Mini-Marilyn brass candle holders with Bee Lights (photo from stylist Meagan O’Donoghue)

Please send us your ideas for our next Bee Light candleholder post!


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They say a mother shouldn’t have favourites but as the youngest of 3 in my family, I know I was my mum’s favourite (:-)) and I’m continuing that tradition by holding a special place for the simplest member of the Queen B family of beeswax candles… our Bee Light candles.  Having burned literally hundreds of other beeswax candles from all over the world, I genuinely think they are the finest beeswax candles in the world.

If you’ve burned them, please leave a comment below and let me (and other potential customers) know what your experience is… it’s one thing for me to say they’re wonderful, but it holds far more weight coming from you.

Any craftsperson will tell you that it is the things that are the most pared back that are the most complex to make, and this is the story with our Bee Lights.  Wick testing for these candles took about 3 months.  It was worth every drama.  Every spill.  Every heartbreak.  Every hope dashing.  Worth every single second for the result that we got.

Stylist, Meagan O’Donoghue from The Style Palette Co recently sent me some beautiful photograph from an event she styled for AEG at Mark Best’s house.  Whilst the table setting was stunning and the food looked amazing, like most mum’s I only had eyes for my kids and boy did they perform!  With a 3 – 4 hour burn time, they burned with an enormous golden flame and without dripping for the entire event :-).  You wonder why a wedding or event stylist would ever use other candles.

The candleholders are our Mini Marilyn candleholders made here in Sydney.

Stylist: Meagan O’Donoghue, The Style Palette Co
Photographer: Daniel Aboud
Flowers: Poho Flowers


The world's finest beeswax candle - bee lights from Queen Bee beeswax candles for AEG Gourmet Collection

Queen B Bee Light candles in Mini-Marilyn candleholders (styling by the Style Palette Co, photography by Daniel Aboud)


event candles, non drip candle, queen bee beeswax candle, luxury candle

1 hour in… not a drip in sight


Corporate event styling with non-drip beeswax candles from Queen B.... luxury Australian candles

2 hours down… table (& Queen B Mini Marilyn Bee Light candleholders) free from drippage!


non drip candle, northern light candle, beeswax candle, event candle, the style palette co, mark best chef

3 hours down… an enormous golden flame and still not a drip. Isn’t nature fantastic?


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