A few weeks ago, thanks to a tip from one of our customers in the US, we found out about nerdwax… “a beeswax based blend of all natural and certified organic ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place” that’s made in the USA.

Initially pitched as a ‘you should make this’ idea, I looked into it and concluded that there was no way we could improve on what is already being done.  These guys have nailed it… not only with the beeswax base and the ingredients, but their packaging is clever, their marketing is great and it’s another small business started on a stove top.  Long live small businesses started on stove tops!

Nerdwax Australia New Zealand

It arrived yesterday morning.  We got to give it a very thorough testing in the 38 degree Sydney heat yesterday and it was given an enthusiastic thumbs up with our first 5 tubes sold!

So, what’s nerdwax?  We couldn’t describe it any better than Don Henjy the inventor.  Here he is!


Or you can watch their official Kickstarter video here (the Kickstarter campaign is well and truly over with another great business born, but the video is still beautiful to watch)🙂

We’ve got Nerdwax available as single tubes and a bundle of 3 tubes.



At Queen B, we delight in making the world’s purest beeswax candles.  Our pure beeswax is carefully sourced from beekeepers we know personally and then cleaned thoroughly over 72 hours.  Our wicks are pure cotton and we scour the globe to ensure we are always at the forefront of wick technology.  Our range extends from the basics (beeswax tealight candlesbeeswax tapersbeeswax dinner candlesbeeswax pillar candles), to the innovative (beeswax jam jar tealightsBurning LoveEcobulb) and through to more designer beeswax candles(our rolled pillar candle ranges).



We’re having a party!  Why?  Because somewhere along the line we had our 10 year anniversary without really celebrating it and because, truth be known, I’m happiest in a candle lit hive, filled with our favourite people and other kindred spirits, cooking up a storm and serving great Australian drinks.

Here are the important details:

Date: Thursday, 10th December 2015
Time: from 5.00pm (these things usually wrap up around 9pm)
RSVP: yes please (please email thehive@queenb.com.au)… so that I can cater (there will be enough food that you won’t need dinner should you choose to hang out)

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the company of a group of similarly extraordinary people, here’s your opportunity.

candle lit event, beeswax candle decoration, queen bee beeswax candles

This is what we look like with our party frock on!

There’s something very satisfying as a parent watching your children grow up… the move from nappies to ‘big girl pants’ a monumental milestone.  So, it was with great excitement at the hive that the new packaging arrived this week for our Small Christmas Tree candles.

Ta da…

beeswax christmas tree candles, festive table decorations, candlelit christmas, christmas gift

Looking all smart and grown up


It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Festive table decorations solved.

Small, emergency, christmas gifts solved.

Corporate staff or client gifts solved.

There’s nothing we can’t do in our big girl pants!

Cate xx

Bookmark this seasonal table decoration idea under “simple but brilliant” for your next dinner party or event… seasonal branches down the centre of the table with little clusters of beeswax Jam Jar Tealights interspersed along the table.


table centrepiece, seasonal table decoration, love katie and sarah photography, cecilia fox flowers

Seasonal foliage down the centre of the table with clusters of jam jar tealights


And for the dessert table… stacked wheels of cheese!  Hopefully in amongst that abundance there was raw honeycomb with honey dripping from it.  It’s my cheese platter secret and is a source of much delight and childhood reminiscing.


Dessert cheese wheel, wedding dessert table centrepiece idea, love katie and sarah photography, cecilia fox flowers

Now that’s what i call dessert!

Special thanks to our customers Clare & Hayden, to Love Katie and Sarah for the photographs and to Cecilia Fox for the beautiful florals (and for introducing Clare & Hayden to Queen B’s pure bee created light).


At Queen B we delight in making the world’s purest beeswax candles.  Our pure beeswax is carefully sourced from beekeepers we know personally and then cleaned thoroughly over 72 hours.  Our wicks are pure cotton and we scour the globe to ensure we are always at the forefront of wick technology.  Our range extends from the basics (beeswax tealight candles, beeswax tapers, beeswax dinner candles, beeswax pillar candles), to the innovative (beeswax jam jar tealights, Burning Love, Ecobulb) and through to more designer beeswax candles (our rolled pillar candle ranges).

Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.


Baby bee suits

Pretty much everything I make or stock at Queen B are things that I want myself…

  • non toxic, Australian made candles that burn properly, don’t billow smoke everywhere and look good        √
  • wee willie winkie     √
  • reversible beehive     √
  • Australian made honey nougat with 40% almonds     √
  • Australian made organic honey nougat chocolate      √

… or things I want to give as gifts that I can’t find anywhere else.  Our baby bee suits fit into this category… [not so much something I wanted for myself🙂 ], I was looking for the perfect, unisex gift for friend’s who’d had babies.  Now I’m spoiled for choice!

Summer Baby Bee Suit

Made from soft knit cotton and soft elastic.  Available in sizes 000 – 2

Cotton baby bee romper set

Summer (2 piece) baby bee suit – one piece cotton romper & soft hat with antennae (with a matching carry bag)


Winter Baby Bee Suit

Made from soft knit cotton and soft elastic.  Available in sizes 000 (0-3 months) – 2 (12-24 months).

Baby bee cotton romper suit for winter

Winter (4 piece) baby bee suit – long sleeve top, long pants, booties & soft hat with antennae (with a matching carry bag)


Soft leather baby bee booties

Made with the finest quality, super soft leather, with cotton lining, allowing baby’s feet to flex and bend naturally.  The soft elasticised back ensures they stay on.  The flexible, padded suede sole allows natural movement as if they were barefoot. Available in sizes 0-6mths, 6-12mths, 12-18mths and 18-24mths.

Baby bee leather booties

Soft leather baby bee booties – 100% leather upper and sole, 100% cotton lining


I recently received this photograph from a friend I’d given the suit to… makes me smile every time I look at the photo!

Baby bee romper suit

Now that’s what I call a happy customer


One of the most versatile candles in our range are our Bee Light beeswax candles… skinny enough to light for a matter of minutes (for meditation, a bath or bedtime stories) and yet long enough and ‘beeswaxy’ enough to last for a fabulous 3.5 – 4 hrs.  What’s ‘beeswaxy enough’?… it means that because they’re 100% pure beeswax and beeswax has a very high melting point, they have a much longer burn time than their toxic cousins (and, of course, they don’t smoke)🙂

While we have a stunning range of candleholders made right here in Australia for our Bee Light candles, there is also something quite lovely about making your own for free.  I thought I’d share some of the best we’ve been sent…

beeswax candles in coral, boho wedding table decoration idea, seaside centrepiece idea, coral candleholders

Queen B Bee Lights in coral – stylist: styled_by_her, photo: @kyliemillsphotography


A stunning look for a seaside wedding or event table centrepiece or even just to channel that feel in your own home… we could also do with a seaside escape from time to time.


bee light candleholder, scrap metal candleholder, metal chain beeswax holder, rustic industrial holder

Bee Lights in plough chain found in the scrap metal heap on one of my beekeeper’s farm (little blue wren by @annawilihighfield, a gift from @afloralfrenzy)!

Seriously, if you know of a scrap metal heap, make friend’s with the owner pronto… they are an absolute treasure trove of DIY candleholders.  You can relax knowing you’re trendy right now with the industrial look and when that look goes out again, then be happy in the knowledge that you’re marching to the beat of your own drum!  And quite frankly, sustainability and recycling are going to be the ‘new black’ for decades to come.


Industrial look steel brush candleholder for beeswax bee light candle

Bee Lights in a steel brush! (photo & idea from Cherie Watts)


festive DIY candleholder idea, make your own festive table decorations, festive beeswax candle centrepiece

Create a candleholder with a fallen tree branch (idea from Julie at @theblackhen)… please don’t leave burning candles unattended in a timber candleholder!!


bee light candleholder, DIY candleholder, make your own candle holder

Coloured plastecine or ‘blue tac’… thanks for Cherie Watts for this idea (and photo)


Or, you could just leave it to us and we’ll take care of it the holders for you!

brass candleholder with pure beeswax taper dinner candles

Mini-Marilyn brass candle holders with Bee Lights (photo from stylist Meagan O’Donoghue)

Please send us your ideas for our next Bee Light candleholder post!


We’re often asked if Queen B candles are organic beeswax candles and the answer is a most certainly yes.  By definition, beeswax is a biological or organic matter.  Given Queen B candle only contain 100% pure Australian beeswax and a cotton wick, you can be comfortable burning our organic beeswax tealight candles, organic beeswax dinner candles, organic beeswax votive candles, organic pillar candles etc etc.  You get the picture.

organic beeswax candle, certified organic, queen bee beeswax candle

Queen B organic beeswax candles – definition of organic

Then there is a question about certified organic beeswax candles and Queen B candles are not certified organic.  We know of others in the industry claiming certified organic without certification but that’s not how we roll.

So, why aren’t we certified?  Because our beeswax isn’t certified organic.  And why aren’t we buying certified organic beeswax?  Because you won’t find a third or fourth generation beekeeper who is certified because they know that as it relates to beeswax and honey, the certification is a marketing exercise, it is not relevant to the way you keep bees (and their universal feedback to me when I’ve asked is that they don’t see the point in spending the almost $100,000 it would cost when it doesn’t make one iota of difference to the way they keep their bees or the honey they produce).  For instance, bees will fly 7 – 10km’s in search of nectar (the distance depending on what source you believe!) but organic certification for bees/honey is that your hives have to be 5km’s from the nearest chemically sprayed field or industry.  So, you could place your bees, 5.1km’s from a chemically sprayed field and still have certified organic honey.

Queen B is ultimately about truth and integrity.  It is more important to me to know that the wax that we source is from well cared for bees (ie from beekeepers that are second, third, fourth generation) than to buy ‘certified organic’ beeswax.

The bottom line is that you can trust a Queen B candle by the claims we DON’T make.  And when you come across something that looks a little too good to be true (ie ‘certified’ organic beeswax candles with no certification logo (and no certification) that are cheaper than Queen B candles) then trust your intuition, or if you’re still in doubt, ask to see the certification.

The other interesting thing (because knowledge is power!) is that the major reason why the cost of Australian beeswax has increased 85% in the last 12 months and that is because as the only country without the varroa mite, our beeswax is the only beeswax in the world that is naturally free from miticides (chemicals used to control & kill the varroa mite).  We’re exporting the vast majority of Australian beeswax at the moment to the global pharmaceutical and cosmetics giants… great for Australian beekeepers, not so great for us!  Great for you to know that we’re making your candles with miticide free wax and that we’re lucky to have had relationships with our beekeepers for over a decade which is the only way we’ve been able to get our hands on wax.

Ultimately a natural beeswax candle is always going to be far safer to burn from a health perspective than a petrochemical byproduct (paraffin wax) or a chemically bleached, heavy metal hydrogenated oil (soy wax).  Mother nature has always been pretty clever in providing us with what we need without us needing to change it.  Seriously, how would you think of a flying insect that would collect flower nectar (pollinating the flowers as she goes) and then extrude wax from wax glands on her stomach?!

bees wax scales from female worker bees... go in to making organic beeswax candles

Beeswax scales… organic beeswax (image courtesy of @fromthehive on Instagram)


organic beeswax, wax glands, worker bee producing wax

Female worker bees produce wax for around 6 days of their 4 – 6 week life from wax glands on their abdomen (image courtesy of @savethebeesaustralia on Instagram)

There’s about ten new facts of the day for you!… you can go to bed and light an organic beeswax candle from Queen B!

Cate x


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