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The last time I moved I took an enormous bag full of unused gifts from various past employers to Vinnies.  Along with the 20 odd t-shirts and 11 caps were 2 (shoddily made) picnic hamper sets, 5 umbrella’s, (I kept another 4 – although why I really have no idea as I haven’t used any of them in 6 years), about 9 stress balls (what message does THAT send?!!), 4 plastic insulated coffee cups, a vinyl/faux leather notebook cover and desk set, 5 completely useless branded backpacks and about 15 plastic water bottles.  [What didn’t make it were the various bottles of wine which I had consumed having long since forgotten who they were from and the olive tapenade and stale crackers never eaten!]

I know I had cupboards full of what was essentially landfill but I felt too guilty to send it there given the consumption of precious resources taken to make it.  Sadly when I got to Vinnies they told me that they would throw the vast majority of it away as they were inundated with it.

So, why then write a post about more “stuff”.  Well because we’re heading into giving season and if you’re going to give stuff then it would be remiss of me not to tell you about gifts that are useful, beautiful and sustainable.  A gift that keeps on giving – to our farmers & beekeepers, to the jobs it creates at our hive, to our local packaging manufacturers and suppliers.  A gift that recognises that your staff work hard and they also need to relax hard.

A few months ago we were tasked by long term client, Buzz Strategic Concepts, to put together a little ‘just because’ gift for their clients.  Not for Christmas.  Not for any particular reason.  Just a random act of kindness and gratitude gift.  They sent us personalised cards to go with each gift and we did all the logistics for them.  Bravo!

Sustainable, australian made corporate gift


And to make sure the gift went the extra mile, we put their brand on the candle – subtle but effective.  Every time their client looks at or fires up this little beauty (and if you know your Queen B candles you’ll know that that will be a whole lot of times over a whole long period of time!) lovely, sweet, positive, appreciative thoughts flying your way!

logo corporate gift, australian made, sustainble, eco, hamper


Of course we also do larger gifts and hampers

corporate gift hamper, australian made, eco sustainable gift



And we do smaller gifts too… this one coming in under $15.

meaningful corporate gift, sustainable, eco


If you’re looking for ideas, send us an email or give us a buzz, we’d be only too happy to help you out.

Cate xx


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OK, so not exactly a catchy title!  Believe me, I’ve tried 10 prior to this one that were worse.

While it may seem a little commercially crass to be talking about Christmas now, most companies are making a decision on what they are doing for client gifts, staff gifts or corporate hampers now… and we would like to be in the mix.

What do your corporate gifts say about your company and it’s values?  Do they value health/life balance?  The environment?  Regional communities? Australian made?  Perhaps most importantly, is it memorable?  Does it cut through?  Does it have longevity?

I LOVED doing our hampers last year, because I was just so thrilled on behalf of our clients that they were offering something different to another jar of olive tapenade!  Another bottle of wine!

Our most popular hamper on behalf of our clients last year was sent to men (CTO’s, CEO’s, COO’s) and included a rolled pillar (in the Phoenix design), a black votive, a jar of Australian honey, a pair of the small Christmas trees, a box of chocolate coated honeycomb, a Tasmanian wood-turned honey dipper, a chunk of pure Australian honeycomb (straight out of the hive), a block of all natural men’s shave soap, a Tasmanian beer shampoo bar and a Queen B eco-bulb… oh, and a bottle of wine provided by our client!

We also had a similar version that went to their female clients substituting the Casablanca design for Phoenix, a frosted votive and a bottle of divine Honey Cream bath.

We also did a smaller hamper that packed a punch too with Christmas trees, an eco-bulb, a jar of Australian honey, a bar of Goats Milk soap and a beautiful honey dipper.

The warehouse and office staff at our courier company voted Queen B hampers the best they’d saw last Christmas (and being a courier company, they see them all!) and our clients (without exception) have returned to us this year.

Anyway, so this is a bit of an APB.  We would LOVE to be working with more companies this year to do gifts that are memorable and that build their brand and that are meaningful and lasting and full of ‘sweetness and light’.

If your company does gifts, I would be extremely grateful if you could either pass our details on to them, or pass their details on to me and we’ll get on to it.  Feel free to pass this on to friends and family too!

You just never know, if you’re lucky, a Queen B hamper or Queen B candle may be winging its way to you this Christmas… now wouldn’t that make your day? or festive season?!

Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holders, personalised candles, votive candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

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