Forgive me the heading please?!  It is more befitting than it seems.  After weeks of testing I’m a very excited to finally be able to show you our Elaborate Egg candle.

pure beeswax carved egg shaped candle

Two parts stunning and one part delicious, this beauty burns for no less than 30 hours.  It’s approximately 12cm tall and 7cm wide at it’s widest point.  This is something for Easter that not only has no calories, but can take off pounds (simply turn off the lights and fire her up… everyone looks better by candlelight)!

Our Elaborate Egg beeswax candle comes packaged in a beautiful, biodegradable sinamay bag.

Carved egg beeswax candle in biodegradable sinamay bag packaging


It’s 6.30am and I’m off to the Easter Show today to volunteer at Honeyland.  No more appropriate a blog post for this morning then than one about honey aroma-ed beeswax candles in the shape of an egg!  Great eggspectations indeed!  You can find our Elaborate Egg candle on the Queen B beeswax candles website here.

I hope you have a gorgeous week.

Cate xx

carved easter egg beeswax candle

Just one more because she’s completely stunning!



There are some things in life whose worth is greater than the sum of its parts.  For me it’s enamel teapots.

When I started pouring beeswax candles about a decade ago (O.M.G!… yes, punctuation intentional) I went down to a camping supplies store to buy my first enamel teapot.  In those days Queen B was just me, pouring & rolling candles in a garage with a concrete floor.

beeswax candlemaking, enamel teapot, beeswax tealight candle, from the northern light beeswax tealight

The early days… me, an enamel teapot and molten beeswax – my happy place!


I digress here slightly because I wandered down memory lane and thought it worth sharing said garage and said concrete floor!

bleaching beeswax by the northern light at Queen Bee's original hive

The original Queen B hive on North Head at Manly with buckets of beeswax bleaching in the sun


beeswax candlemaking at Queen B's original hive

Early days… built tough – beeswax candles made to last! not for the weak knee’d.

Of course we, and our enamel teapots, now work in much plusher surroundings – OH&S now demands softer floors for our enamel teapots which is a happy coincidence for care of candlemaker’s ankles and knees.

Long term employees are the holy grail of small business and I am extraordinarily grateful to recognise that our current teapots have been in service for over 6 years.  And just to put that in perspective, that’s two teapots, worth around $30 each pouring well in excess of 700,000 candles.  I bow down in admiration.  There are few things you could buy these days that would last the test of time and extreme usage.

Your candlemaking supplies for pouring beeswax candles should include an enamel teapot

I’m an enamel teapot… short and stout… here is my handle, here is my spout – for pouring beautiful beeswax candles


Over the years, we’ve made sure that special enamel teapots deserve special enamel teapot holders…

Making beeswax candles by the northern light of the sun with blocks of pure organic beeswax for candles

Issy – enamel teapot lover #2


enamel teapot for pouring beeswax candles - first on your candle making supplies list

Kylie – enamel teapot lover #3


enamel teapots are an essential tool for beeswax candlemaking

Annoyingly, Tilly and his birthday celebrations got in the way of what would have been a great photo of enamel teapots… Enamel teapot lover #4


We’ve even had neighbours who have wanted to get in on the enamel teapot loving action (dress standards apply)…

enamel teapot, candlemaking supplies, beeswax candles

Trent – enamel teapot lover extraordinaire


Over the same years we’ve always bought extra when we were ordering and offered them for sale with our candlemaking supplies.  We ran out of the plain one’s (the same as what we use) several years ago and were unable to source more, but recently we happened upon another batch.  So, with no further ado, I present to you, the ultimate candle making (and tea making… and camping) accessory…. enamel teapots.

enamel teapots for beeswax candlemaking so you don't bumble beeswax candles

Enamel teapots – available in pastel yellow, blue and green

… now available in pastel yellow, pastel blue and pastel green… made tough and built to last (if you keep from falling onto concrete… or tile… or any hard surface for that matter).

Over and out.

CB xx

I’ve had a rule at Queen B for the past decade which is that having access to someone’s inbox is a privilege and if I don’t have anything befitting that privilege to say, then I stay quiet.  It seems to breach every currently practiced law of marketing, but then again I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum… Funny, I just caught myself out…  I was about to say “I don’t like to follow rules” but if you saw the list of rules that I live my life by you’d laugh.  Let’s just say that my rules are a bit different to normal business rules!

So, why the blog post then?  Two reasons… firstly, the volume of emails and calls from you guys checking in to see whether I was OK has been escalating! (heartening to know you care).  Secondly, we’ve been doing a big clean up from last year and “Second’s World” at the hive is full and needs emptying.  And that means there are some bargains to be had.

Here’s a list of what we’ve got going (on a first come, first served basis):

bargain beeswax candles with slight blemishes

A brief glimpse into the delights awaiting homes in Seconds World

You know what else I’ve realised in writing this post?… I’ve actually missed it.  You know how when a loved one has been away for a while and you’re a little anxious about their return?  Will it be the same?  Will they still like me?  (does my bottom look big in this?!)

Sure, I promise (again) to only write when I feel I have something interesting and/or edifying and/or relevant to say BUT in truth I think I was just having a bit of trouble getting back on this horse.  Now that I’m here, I’m wondering what I’ve been fussing over.  It’s great to be back.  May 2014 be happy, healthy, fun, filled with laughter and may it be filled with the beautiful light that nature provided for us in the guise of beeswax candles.

(Belated) happy new year loved ones.

Cate xx

The idea of a skull candle occurred to me in about March this year when I was thinking about Earth Hour.  I wanted to create a candle that was about the interplay of humanity and nature, our interdependency and humankind’s destruction of nature… how we weep or lament the damage being caused but how there is also a fragile beauty both in nature and humans.  I wanted it to speak visually about the fire within and the glow in someone’s eyes when they’re talking about something that they’re passionate about.  [Seriously, my mind has a life of it's own, I am just a casual observer most of the time.  Note to self - stop overthinking everything]!

Anyway, from the idea I then went into designing the form that our candle would take.  A skull with vines intertwined around the head and deep, sunken eyes so that it could cry “beeswax tears” and to frame the flame (trying saying that 10 times fast with a glass of bubbles under your belt)!  From there we went into mould making and then wick testing.  About 3 months had passed by now.

Because this was such an important piece to me I commissioned a local craftsman to make wooden coffins for each of the skulls.  There’s another month.

No sooner than I had nailed the right wick and the positioning for the wick (the video below is the final wick testing video) than I raised my head to see what was going on in the world and realised that skulls had become… wait for it… trendy!  Quelle horreur.  We set trends, or eschew trends completely at Queen B, we certainly don’t follow them.  So I parked the project – and gave a couple away to friends.

Enter Matt Stone, friend and chef, who mentions them in a story in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald!  My cover was blown and the phone didn’t stop.  Even then I stuck to my guns and said we weren’t selling them!

Step in a wise soul who told me to get over myself and to allow our customers to decide.  So, it’s over to you.  With no further ado, I like to introduce you to our Limited Edition Beeswax Skull Candle (in wooden coffin).  We’ve had 50 coffins made and I’m off to have them laser engraved and numbered in the morning.  We’ll be ready to ship them by Friday (this week) – well in time for delivery prior to Christmas.  There are only 50 up for grabs.

Beeswax Skull Candle from Queen B pure beeswax candles vines adorning outside of skull candle Pure beeswax skull candle on hand made wooden coffin Pure beeswax Skull Candle from Queen B on Australian made wooden coffin

Here is a video that I took of the beeswax tears and a few of the photographs from wick testing. Eyes truly are the windows to the soul



The video is set to one of my favourite songs which is There is a Better Place by Crazy Penis (now Crazy P) from their Album The Wicked Is Music.

Beeswax skull candle with eyes aglow as it burns

skull candle from Queen B pure beeswax candles

beeswax tears of gold from Queen B Skull Candle

Skull candle by Queen B bee wax candles

Note: there is a trick to getting the beeswax tears which is to burn the candle for 3 – 4 hours each time you light it.  The candle needs to be able to burn the full width of the skull (and hence the eye sockets) in order to lament!

Love to hear your thoughts

Cate xx


Sometimes the beauty (or beautiful effect) of something catches me a little by surprise… our new Spinning Butterfly Candleholder was just such a thing.  Made from stainless steel, it is pretty to look at, but it really comes to life with a Queen B pure beeswax tealight candle in the bottom of the candle holder.


Putting together this video I was also just loving A Candlelit Window by Ingrid DuMosch (from her Sleep Softly Emily album)… so it went from being a 30 second video to a compilation of the 2 video’s that I took just so that it would play more of the song!  Please note that the holder does not play music… that was a feat of brilliance using iMovie!  Jerkiness of the video courtesy of me (and Canon)!

Because we wouldn’t want you using the holder in your home with toxic tealights, we’ve bundled the holder with a pack of our best-selling 4-5 hour beeswax tealight candles (it’s the box of 9 of them).



… and you’re invited!

VIP Christmas Shopping night



If the thought of braving a Westfield car park at this time of year horrifies you, come shopping at Queen B.  There’s oodles of parking, Australian made gifts for everyone from the blokiest bloke to the girliest girl AND we’ll have lots of one off specials on the night.  We’ve even got Mitch staying late so that you can watch the candles being made.

If you’re coming from afar, why not come along with a friend (or 3) and have a champagne on us and then dinner in Manly or Dee Why?

Looking forward to catching up with some of you then.

Cate xx

Some people think I’m quite tough.  Anyone who has seen me with my niece will know I’m a complete walkover.  Pathetic.  Weak willed. Putty.  Wrapped around a 6 year old finger.  Thankfully the extent of her manipulations at this stage only involves decanting honey (she gets to control the lever, put on the lids… oh, and clean up the drips!), tasting honey, rolling beeswax candles and watching the River Cottage series or Monty Don’s My Dream Farm!  Knowing I’m not a fan of TV she suggests that we put on an “educational DVD”.  As I say, putty (and, hopefully, a farmer in the making)!

Today she announced that she’d like to roll christmas trees and write instructions for other kids “so that they can be as lucky as I am, Kookie”!  I kid you not.  While I rolled our big pillars, she rolled Christmas trees.  If you’ve followed my blog, you know I’m not known for brevity, but in this case I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  For the record, wording and spelling are her own!  [Spelling corrections suggested by putty auntie].

eeswax Christmas Tree candle rolling instructions for 6 year olds

Step by step instructions to roll your own Beeswax Christmas Tree candles

Beeswax Christmas Tree candle rolling instructions for 6 year olds

Insert the wick

Beeswax Christmas Tree candle rolling instructions for 6 year olds

Roll towards yourself

Beeswax Christmas Tree candle rolling instructions for 6 year olds

Watch the bottom to make sure it is level

DIY Beeswax Christmas Tree candle rolling instructions for 6 year olds

Ensure the bottom is neatly finished (if you look closely you’ll see me wrapped around that little finger)

Beeswax Christmas Tree candle rolling instructions for 6 year olds

Hand written instructions – 6 year old style

Beeswax Christmas Tree candle rolling instructions for 6 year olds

Every artist needs a break just to think

Being an auntie is surely one of the greatest privileges that life has to offer.

Cate xx


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